SAP Concur - Senior Software Engineer

GlobalityMenlo Park, CA5M ago

Based in Menlo Park, CA, Globality, Inc. is a startup making globalization work for small and midsize companies using internet technology and human-curated AI.Supported by an impressive group of prominent investors, including Al Gore and Ron Johnson, and cofounded by serial entrepreneurs, Joel Hyatt and Lior Delgo, Globality is well-funded and poised for success.

We seek Senior Platform Engineers with experience developing Python applications. We believe that great software engineers are versatile generalists and are defined more by their actions and judgment than the specific technologies they know. As such, we value:· Owning delivery end-to-end and releasing without drama.· Treating team success as personal success.· Curiosity and translating learning into systematic improvement.· Thinking clearly and communicating effectively.· Using the right tool for the job, especially open source. (Check out:

We hope that:· You've successfully delivered software in a complex environment for 4+ years.· You know your way around agile development and microservice architecture.· You think that culture is something that you build, not just a buzzword.· You have a strong affinity for command line tools and Unix pipelines.· You never use the words: "That's how it's always been done"

We hope you will join us in building software using:· Python (Flask, SQLAlchemy), GraphQL and Node.js (Express) for backend microservices· TypeScript (React, Angular, Sass) for the frontend· Deployment in AWS, powered by Terraform, Docker, and Ansible· Continuous Integration via CircleCIWe are an equal opportunity employer. We believe diversity makes teams better and that discrimination based on race, gender, or anything else is self-defeating.