Lead Java Developers

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You can work as part of a team, and treat others with respect and kindness.

You take pride in your craft, and hold yourself and others to high standards.

You can approach software development from a users point of view. You dont have to be a designer, but you know a good or bad user experience when you see it.

You are good at spoken and written communication this includes design documentation, APIs, comments and everything else that goes with building maintainable software

Youre passionate about the exciting parts of the job, but recognize that not all of the necessary work will be fun.

Youre willing to learn various new technologies. The cloud native field of software is rapidly evolving: youll need to stay aware of it and quickly learn new technologies whenever necessary or relevant.

What our frontend developers do:

Design, build and maintain modern, responsive user experiences that our customers love

Help diagnose and debug production issues on customer environments

Collaborate with other developers and teams to build features that will be used at large scale

Follow and develop good engineering practices, tools and processes

Our Technology Stack:

We use the following technologies; we have no minimum experience required for any of them, but you will need to learn them relatively quickly on the job, if youre not already familiar with them.




JavaScript (ES6/7/Next)


The current codebase is heavily based on functional programming so let's include a plus for any functional programming background (Ramda library) or any FP language background such as Haskell, OCaml, Purescript, Elm, etc.

Experience with the Material-UI React library is a huge plus as well.

Candidate must be expertise in React JS. Must Have 7+ yrs in react.